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Project Proposal:


On the morning of Sunday 26 December 2004, a severe earthquake in the ocean off the coast of northern Sumatra caused tsunamis that devastated communities in all the coastal areas of 12 countries in the Indian Ocean from Sumatra to Somalia. The earthquake measured 9.0 on the Richter scale, the worlds most severe in 40 years. These tsunamis destroyed homes, roads, and swept people out to sea, resulting in a disaster of extraordinary proportions.

In India, the coastal belt of Tamilnadu, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Andhra Pradesh were badly affected. According to Government reports, 10,881 people lost their lives and 5,792 are missing, with 6,913 injured in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Pondicherry and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is estimated that the livelihoods of about 645,000 families (about 3.2 million people) have been directly and indirectly affected; of them, about one third are directly linked to the fisheries sector, about a quarter to micro-enterprises, with the remaining engaged in agriculture, livestock, seasonal employment activities.

The proximity of Andaman & Nicobar Islands from Sumatra (130 Nm) made it vulnerable for the Tsunami. These chains of over 550 islands in which 38 are inhabited were badly hit. Population of over 42,000 has been victimized with 1205 people loosing their lives in 192 affected villages. Thousands more are homeless and without access to clean water, shelter, food or clothing.The disaster hit the most vulnerable with the hardest hit including women and children, scheduled castes and scheduled tribes, who mostly live on the sea shores and huts.

About SISS:

Shyamprasad Institute for Social Service (SISS),a non-profit organization, was established in 1991 with an objective to promote voluntary action.  SISS is recognised as a premier Institution working for the empowerment of rural communities and disadvantaged groups in Andhra Pradesh. It is also involved in Social research, training and documentation in the fields of Agriculture, Health and Education. In pursuance of realizing its primary goal of promoting peoples participation in issues like poverty alleviation and rural development, the Institute has achieved fairly good success during the last decade.

SISS has a committed and professional cadre with its head office at Hyderabad. It currently extends logistic support and imparts orientation for about 300 partner voluntary organizations across the length and breadth of the State. For further details kindly visit our site www.sisshyd.net.

SISS –Tsunami relief operations:

Shyamprasad Institute for Social Service (SISS) has launched tsunami relief operations in January 2005 in surrounding areas of Port Blair (Andaman’s) along with other partner NGOs. The immediate tasks were to rescue the people on the islands and under the wreckage caused due to earth quake and rehabilitation. Apart from and providing shelter and food at the relief camps it was also necessary supporting them emotionally as they have all suffered loss of their near and dear ones .  About 15000 people were given shelter temporarily in these camps which were run till end of March 2005.

SISS is now working on a sanitation project in Attampahad area in Port Blair.  Attampahad village was completely destroyed in the killer tidal waves and people of this village are now moving to new settlements at higher altitudes surrounding the village. Sanitation has become a major problem in this new settlement as people are practicing open defecation in surrounding areas and in deep jungles and also they do not have any source of draining out the water used in the houses. Monsoon season has started in June, only to make their woes more miserable. Women children and old people are worst hit due to lack of sanitation facilities. Under this sanitation project SISS has undertaken construction of 172 units of toilets for 172 households in Attampahad area. This project is being implemented in three phases. The cost of this project is Rs. 19,00,000/- (USD 42,500)

The recent tsunami has hit hard on school systems. Hundreds of the school buildings have been destroyed partially or completely, killing children and teachers. After Tsunami, most of the children have stopped going to schools as they find it difficult to cope up the mental trauma experienced. It is estimated that many of the school children in A&N Islands have lost their family members and friends. Voluntary organisations and local administration are working hard to send these children back to schools. Though these efforts have been successful in sending the children to schools, it has been notice that the participation of the children in schools is not enthusiastic as before.  The schools which are reopened after tsunami are lacking both human and infrastructural resources.

In this scenario an US based organisation INSAF has proposed to support educational programmes in Tsunami affected areas of Andaman & Nicobar Islands. With the initiative of INSAF, Shyamprasad Institute for Social Service, which has been actively working in these islands, is submitting the following proposal for the consideration of INSAF.


Project Title : AKSHARA
Project Objective : Supporting Students of Tsunami victim families at Hut Bay, Little Andaman, A&N Islands
Project Area : Hut bay
About Project Area :
The main settlement of the little Andaman is Hut bay, which has suffered considerable damage of the Andaman island chain. Hut Bay, on the southeast corner of Little Andaman Island, faces the open ocean, just a few hundred miles from the undersea epicenter of the earthquake, Sumatra. When the first wave hit Hut Bay, a town of 12,000, several thousand people rushed for higher land. 43 people are confirmed dead here, although locals say the final toll may be closer to 100. More than 7,000 people in Hut Bay have lost their homes which are about half the population, and at least 3,000 have fled north to live in relief camps in Port Blair.
Education in Hut bay :

There are 11 government schools in Hut Bay, of which 7 are damaged by Tsunami. Out of the 7 schools, only one secondary school (till X class) and Government Model Senior Secondary School (till XII class) are currently in operation. Harminder Bay School, which is located in the Nicobar Tribal area, was most damaged, completely losing half of its building. Some of the students who previously attended Harminder Bay School are now going to other schools.

Next damaged school is Government Model Senior Secondary School which has been able to conduct classes in a few of their remaining classrooms. Staying at the relief camps, many people have not being able to get back to their routine, including regular attendance to their school. Some of the students have gone to South Andaman for betterment of living condition. Government Model Senior Secondary School which had approximately 1,600 students attending their school has now only 400 to 500 students.

According to the Vice Principle of Government Model Senior Secondary School, other damaged schools are Anna Nagar Primary School, located near Panju Tikery Camp, and Break Water School. Both schools have their buildings remaining, yet are suspending their classes due to security reasons. Severe cracks were found in many parts of the building. Another reason why primary schools are suspending their classes is that the teachers are assigned to each of the 7 camps for relief duty. Voluntary Organisations are coming forward to build 5 classrooms in Harminder Bay and another 5 in Govt. Model Senior Secondary School, although a launching date is not confirmed.

Principle of Govt. Model Senior Secondary School, who is in charge of all schools in Hut Bay, says the students in the camps are slowly coming back attend their regular classes and those who have gone to South Andaman are also coming back to Hut Bay.  Most of the students and teachers in the schools of Hut bay area have lost their near and dear ones and undergoing immense mental trauma and isolation. To make them come out of this grave disaster and to resume normalcy, resources and infrastructure need to be mobilised to instil confidence among the students and also their parents. Presently they are facing problems due to lack of class rooms, books and interactions to boost their morale. Children are lacking minimum requirements to attend a school and there is clear scarcity of text books since they have to come from mainland.

Methodology :
AKSHARA would aim at supporting X and XII Class students at the senior secondary school. The reason behind selecting these sections is that the students of these classes are at higher risk in their careers as this stage is stepping stone for their careers. About 304 students have been identified who are attending school without text books. All these students would be given a set of text books each. Further a reference library cum counselling centre would be started at Government Senior Secondary School in Hut bay which would cater the needs of all the students in Little Andaman for reference purpose. This centre will conduct regular career counselling camps to guide the higher section students and psychological counselling programmes for all the students to aid them to heal from the anguish experienced due to tsunami. This centre would be a hub for any further activities on education and allied areas for the entire Little Andaman. SISS is planning to start a HAM Radio unit at this centre and all the students and civilians would be trained to send and receive messages using this service which makes them better equipped to face any natural calamities in near future.

Four annual scholarships would be set up for the meritorious students of class X and XII (three from each class). An amount of Rs 6000/- for each student would be awarded for the students who perform well at the school level. Students of tsunami victim families are only eligible to apply for this scholarship. These scholarships would be named after AKSHARA – INSAF.
Justification :
SISS believes that school is an anchor for the whole community, providing necessary facilities at schools is an immediate necessity to reenergize the community. Virtually all the students in Little Andaman are affected by the tsunami and suffered significant losses. They have experienced deaths of family members and friends, as well as the destruction of homes and communities. The routines that would normally give them a sense of security have been shattered. The children themselves can tell you how important school is in their lives. Getting the children back to school is one of the best ways to help families and communities get back on their feet.

AKSHARA would help the students to overcome their fear and provide them with books and motivation to get back to schools. Counselling centre would provide psychological counselling and career guidance. This centre would also act as a community centre with a HAM Radio unit and can be a source of any activity in Little Andaman Island. Since, Hut Bay is the worst hit area in Andaman & Nicobar Islands in the recent Tsunami and due to its distance from Port Blair, which is the capital of A& N Islands, it is appropriate to ground the project AKSHARA in Hut Bay.

Any initiative is only successful and sustainable if it involves the whole hearted participation of the local community. SISS has approached the school principal of Government Model Senior Secondary School with a request for some space for the Library / counselling centre and also a teacher should share the responsibility for proper and effective functioning of the programme.  The principal has readily agreed to provide a room for this purpose and assured active participation from his colleagues. A local committee containing opinion leaders, community leaders, teachers, youth clubs would be formed which would monitor this activity.
Expected benefits of the project :
  • Motivating the children to get back to the     schools and    Instil confidence among the students and parents.
  • Reference library for all the students in Little Andaman.
  • Providing psychosocial support, career guidance and health promotion.
  • Support meritorious students.
  • School as Community Centre.
Organisations Involved :

Shyamprasad Institute for Social Service, A&N Islands & INSAF, USA.

Budget of the project:    
S. No Activity Units Time Period Unit Cost (in INR) Total Cost (in INR)
1. Books for identified students 304 One time in September Rs. 500 Rs 1,52,000
2. Reference Library 1 Continuous    
Book Shelves 4   Rs 2500 Rs 10,000
Reading tables (long) 2   Rs 1500 Rs 3000
Chairs 25   Rs 225 Rs 5625
Purchase of books *   One time in September   Rs 15,000
3. Career Counseling camps 2 November, March Rs. 500 Rs 1,000
4. Psychological counseling 6 Every alternate month Rs 300 Rs 1,800
5. Scholarships** 4   Rs 6000 Rs 24,000
6. Community meetings 10 Every month Rs 200 Rs 2,000
7. Miscellaneous (includes actual expenditure in organizing the camps, documentation of the programmes and reporting the activity)       Rs10,000
  Grand total Rs 2,24,425

* Purchase of the books in this year only, cost of yearly enhancement of the library not included. USD 500 is required for yearly    improvement of the library (for buying books and improving the facilities).
** Scholarship estimate for this year, if INSAF agrees for recurring grants (3 or 5 years) then the scholarships can be provided      accordingly.

Andaman and Nicobar group of islands
Name of the Organization : Shyamprasad Institute for Social Service (SISS)
Address :

Head Office: 1-8-522/7, Chikkadpally, Hyderabad Pin Code– 500 020, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.
Regional Office: Post Box 315,

Details of Branch Office : 23/3, C Lane, Kalibari Raod (China House)
Prem Nagar, Port Blair – 744 101

For postal communication: Post Box: 315,
Head Post office, Port Blair - 744 101
Telecommunication :

Telefax: 040-27624224,
E-mail: info@sisshyd.net

Name of the contact persons :

M. Sreedhar, Executive Director                                                                         sreedhar@sisshyd.net, + 91 98494 93330
Basudev Dass, Director, A&N Islands
basudamails@rediffmail.com, + 91 94342 82543

Details of Registration of the organisation:  



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16 January 2005

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