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Tribals being the most disadvantaged section of Indian society, SISS naturally concentrates great part of its energy and resources on empowering them. It considers education is the most powerful instrument to build their capacity.

SISS has been working the in the field of education for the past 12 years, constantly striving for improvement of educational standards in rural areas. Earlier, SISS supported the government primary schools with volunteer teachers in the districts of Nalgonda, Khammam, Vizianagaram and Adilabad in AP. It also organises career counselling for the rural students, making them aware of higher educational opportunities and provides them with expert guidance to carefully shape their careers.

Tribal Education & Empowerment (TREE) is one such effort in the field of education, taken up by SISS, in 1997. Under TREE, SISS took up a study on the status of education among the tribal students in AP. The study found that students do not aspire for higher education for many reasons. Lack of exposure to proper counselling, meagre financial status, and illiteracy among the adults mainly contribute to this problem.
Study revealed  that main reason for school dropouts is lack of proper awareness on higher education. Girls are worst-hit by this trend. Only 20% of the students who pass out from high schools join college and only 3% of them reach post-graduation level.
In this backdrop, SISS made a small beginning in 1998 by establishing Komaram Bheem Study Circle (KBSC) at Hyderabad. An extensive tour of the area was made to instil confidence among the students and their parents. Career counselling centres at mandal level encouraging the students to aspire for higher education are organised at the beginning of the academic year. In 1999, SISS started to mobilise these students and motivate them for higher education. The institute conducts motivational camps for the tribal students of Class X at the tribal schools and makes them know their strengths. This is followed by career counselling under the guidance of experienced counsellors to make them opt for appropriate courses for their further studies. In 2004, a hostel was set up for tribal students at Uppal in Hyderabad to provide the best academic environment for them.

The students who successfully completed Intermediate are encouraged to study at TREE, which provides them with good exposure about various educational as well as employment opportunities after their studies. TREE has a study centre with hostel facility and library in Hyderabad for these students. Keeping in the view the present educational scenario it would be fitting to train these students for self-empowerment, there by not depending on the government alone for their employment. Institutes like ATI, Osmania University, Hyderabad Central University and SETWIN are arranging advanced trainings for these poor tribal students.

On January 7, 2005 TREE moved to a new premises in Peerjadiguda village near Uppal.

Along with this academic ambience, SISS also periodically arranges for personality developments lectures, confidence-building exercises with special care on spoken English to enhance their personal communication thereby improving confidence of these students. Institutes like Yaga Foundation, Bharath Educational Institutions, Sardar Bhagath Singh Seva Samiti, Mahesh Bank, Prathima Institutions are arranging advanced trainings for the poor tribal students.

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